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I Endorse Scott Brown for U.S. Senate

Posted by Cotey Collins On 7:28 PM 0 comments

I endorse Scott Brown for Massachusetts U.S Senator for 2012 , why you may ask, well I endorse Scott Brown because he thinks before he votes in the Senate, Senator Brown is the person who judges and thinks if the House or Senate bill's take's away from the citizens or small businesses. We need him for U.S. Senate again he's speaking for us he's making sure no big corporation's takes our right's. Senator Brown voted yes on senate bill S.3364( Bring Jobs Home Act) this Bill or Act had been rejected but this show's Senator Brown is willing to bring our Jobs back and Jobs will again be available not just in Massachusetts but for other states but he's protecting America folks along with other Senator's. Senator Brown believes in building Bipartisanship's which will help our current U.S. Senator's and Representatives work together in Congress and not segregated by political factions or parties. For example Scott Brown Supported the  Bipartisan Senate Compromise on the "Student Loan's Bill" , Brown wrote " I hope that you will join me in supporting this bipartisan compromise," to Elizabeth Warren, Democrat running for U.S. senate against Senator Brown, Warren supported the bipartisan plan. Congress should have more Bipartisanship's, thanks to Senator Brown he influenced others in Congress to support more Bipartisanship's. He also support's our Veterans for example Brown helped amend the " Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Act" the amendment Brown added ensures protection of military families against fraudulent life insurance policies. The "Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Act" passed 99 to 1 with Senator Brown's amendment added. Brown's beliefs on Energy policy is that he support's solar wind, and nuclear power, and off shore drilling. Although Senator Brown believes that marriage is between a Man and a Women, but he would oppose a constitutional amendment banning Gay Marriage. He Opposes ending the " Defense of Marriage Act" but he believes the states should decide.He also joined a handful of Republicans who broke with their party to repeal the " Don't ask, don't tell" in December 2010. Senator Brown protects Homosexual's and Bisexual's from any discrimination against the Government. Brown's beliefs on crime and security that Massachusetts sex offender penalties should be strengthened, he believes in the death penalty, the Right to Bear arms but with some regulation's such as licenses and background checks, and that border Enforcement should be strengthened and creating an employment system with penalties for companies to hire illegal immigrants but opposes providing driver licenses and in state tuition to illegal immigrants. But most importantly Senator Brown voted against the "Protect IP Act" and the "Stop Online Piracy Act". Brown announced on Twitter "I'm going to vote NO on PIPA and SOPA. The Internet is too important to our economy." Brown is with us, he wants the best of us, he fights for us, Vote for Scott Brown without Senator Brown who will fight for us.


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