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Dear Members of the Worcester Public School Committee, I'm Cotey Collins a student from Worcester Technical high school, I'm writing you today because I know bullying issues as of today are not being taken seriously within the Worcester Public Schools. As a former bullying victim I want to meet with you to share my story and other stories about bullying, but I also want to address you all on where the Public Schools gone wrong with regulating bullying in schools. Bullying is still a major issue in the Public School system and I believe the school administrations have been lacking a bit on these issues. I also believe that the administrations of the Public Schools has to much power, but that's not the issue, the issue is that the administrators don't share their power with the teachers. Which this issue goes back to the bullying issue, if there's a bullying situation in the classroom all a teacher can do is report the incident to an administrator. The problem with the reports is that the incident is rarely taken care of by an administrator, therefore there should be a separation of power between administrators and teachers. I really want to meet with you and help you make a more better Anti-Bullying plan because I feel the plan is a weak plan. I hope we can work together to enforce and to regulate bullying in schools, its time for a student to share ideas on how bullying should be prevented within the Public Schools of Worcester. Lets remake this Anti-Bullying Plan for the silent majority of students who get bullied everyday and we need to also ensure parents that their children will be safe at a Public School. With a new more regulated Anti-Bullying plan we can prove together that the public schools can lay down the law when it comes to bullying issues. I know the consequences of a new more regulated Anti-Bullying Plan, the hard part is changing the attitudes of students. I got a couple of ideas that I would like to present to you and I think my ideas are reasonable and fair. I hope we can meet together and discuss these issues because I'm willing to make the voices of the silent majority be heard. Thank you, Please Respond - Cotey J. Collins

Dear State Representative Winkler, I'm Cotey Collins from Worcester Massachusetts, that comment against Justice Clarence Thomas was very disgraceful and offensive to the African American population. You should write an apology letter to him and you should resign. Justice Thomas is a great Justice of the Supreme Court and he did not deserve that racial slur you made. My Mother always taught me to watch what I say in public because it can come back and hurt me in the future. You can apologize and admit your comment is a mistake but the more you try to save yourself, your only digging a deeper grave for yourself. You can't save yourself from what you said about Justice Thomas. Your career as a politician is now tarnished, so therefore you should write a letter of apology to Justice Thomas and you must resign for the good of the people of your district. - Cotey J. Collins

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Nancy Pelosi is one of the most out of this world politician in Congress. Obama wants her to be the House of Representatives next Speaker, I don't know about you but I sure don't want Pelosi as Speaker again. The last time she was Speaker of the House there was a major spending spree which if she's Speaker again are country cannot afford 2 years of spending sprees, we need spending cuts not sprees. Remember she was the one that thought "ObamaCare is largely responsible for the deficit coming down." -Nancy Pelosi 5/13/13

Gabriel Gomez did a great job on today's Republican Senate Primary Debate!!! I support his opinion on closing Gun loopholes and assault weapons. I also support his comment on Rand Paul's filibuster on Drones Gomez's response "as a SEAL I would filibuster for days". I believe that comment was the best of the night at the Republican Senate Primary Debate.Gomez also supports Senate and Congressional Term-Limits to end carrier Politicians. I usually don't favor Term Limits but I do strongly agree that Government should end carrier Politicians because carrier politicians only serves themselves and not the interest of the people. An example of a politician who mostly served for life for the people is the well known Former Senator Ted Kennedy who never gave up on the interests of the people. I therefore strongly support Gabriel Gomez for U.S. Senate because I know he will serve and only serve the people of this great State of Massachusetts!!!!!!FOLLOW ON TWITTER:@GomezForMA

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